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Health Benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water

Health Benefits of the World's Healthiest Sustanace:

1.  Powerful Antioxidant 

Alkaline Ionized Water has an abundance of electrons and a negative charge called Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP).  Electrons are free radical scavengers and a negative ORP reduces the oxidation of the body, which slows down the aging process.  ORP is the most important term we can learn regarding health because everything we put in the body either increases or decreases oxidation in the body.  Alkaline Ionized Water also contains an abundance of HYDROGEN, which is yet another critical anti-aging, anti-oxidant element.

2.  Balances Body pH

Alkaline Ionized Water has a pH of 9.5 – 10 which helps bring the pH of the body up to neutral (7.0) where it should be.  All Disease thrives in an acid environment within the body.

3.  Superior Hydrator

Alkaline Ionized Water has very small water molecule clusters that are able to hydrate the body’s tissue and its cells much more effectively than water that has not been ionized.

4.  Powerful Detoxifier

As the small water molecule clusters hydrate the tissue and fill them with water they push out all the things that don’t belong in the tissue, which are commonly referred to as toxins.

5.  Enhances  Mineral Absorption

Minerals that have been ionized have extra electrons that make them better able to be absorbed by the body.

6.  Provides the body with oxygen

Hydroxyl ions revert to dissolved oxygen available for the body to use.

7.   Gives you lots of energy!

The extra oxygen that it provides to the body translates into more mental alertness and more energy.

8.  Helps Prevent Disease

When we Hydrate, Alkalize and Detoxify with Alkaline Ionized Water our body it is in a much better position to heal itself.

Alkaline Ionized Water

Whole House Filtration

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Aquanator Whole House Water Filter

 [First Stage]: Polypropylene Sediment Cartridge (Included)


  • 100% Polypropylene.
  • Superior Microdenier filtration fiber has the highest particulate removal ratings.
  • Formed by thermal bond without use of any binders and adhesives.
  • Dual-function filter construction can be applied with different media within 2 different sizes PP filters.
  • Over-molded caps for easy centering filter.

 [Second Stage] : Granular Activated Carbon Plus KDF Filter (Included)

BFCKDF-10/20 Series

Durable Multifunction filter for water treatment

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon- Designed to remove chlorine, odor and bad taste.

KDF 55 Media – Removes chlorine, heavy metals and kills bacteria.


  • Coconut Shell Activated Carbon with NSF-61 Certification
  • KDF 55 Medium with NSF-42 Certification.
  • Excellent Flow Rate.
  • High Capacity Dual function filter cartridge with excellent chlorine, taste, odor, bacteria and heavy metal reduction.
[Third Stage] : PP/GAC Triple Function Nano-Zinc Filter (Included)

The macromolecular technique of nano-zinc is a patented filter only available through Taiwan Filter Corporation, the inventor and manufacturer of the filter. 


  • Significantly reduces bacteria growth. 
  • Non cross-contamination between filter media.
  • Avoid deteriorated filtration effect for the enclosure of the biofilms of the system.
  • Combined with standard PP sediment or inhibit bacteria growth PP and GAC function together.
  • Removes particulate and odors. High capacity particulate storage.
  • High volume, low pressure capacity.
  • Formed by wrapping PP-GAC without use of any binders and adhesives.
  • High capacity chlorine reduction.
  • Coconut shell activated carbon. 

   ·Easy to Install (requires some plumbing) – 1" female fittings on the IN/OUT

   ·Changing filters takes only minutes

   ·Pressure Gauges for each filter lets you know when to change filter

   ·Pressure Release Button for each filter

   ·Comes with Filter Wrench

   ·Plastic stylish case.

Each filter has a pressure gauge indicating that it's time to change the filter as the pressure rises.

The pressure release button for filter and filter wrench that comes with the unit makes changing the filters as easy as can be.

Filter changes can be done in less than a minute.

Conditioning Magnetizers

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About The Magnetizer

The United States Government reports that consumers save a minimum of 48% of their energy dollars with the elimination of 3/8" or more of mineral scale build-up. A family of four can save up to $750.00 per year with the removal of this costly, pipe clogging mineral scale.

The MAGNETIZER also creates de-gasification, which decreases the taste and smell of chlorine. 
Water becomes wetter and softer. Soap works better, clothes become cleaner. Bathing feels fresher and hair is softer and silkier.

MAGNETIZER is the leader of the natural water conditioning industry and is helping to improve the quality of water in over 50 countries.

Easy to install, simply straps on. No moving parts, never wears out and requires no external power. 
The system pays for itself in no time at all.

MAGNETIZER comes with a lifetime power warranty and a lifetime of savings.

The proven MAGNETIZER Residential Hard Water Conditioner is chemical freesalt free, and the permanent healthy answer to your hard water problems. Prior existing scale is magnetically dissolved in the water. Scale is removed from your water heater and plumbing system thereby saving you energy and money.

      * Reduce scale and corrosion in all types of household water pipes, furnaces, boilers, radiators
      * Remove existing scale and corrosion from the inside of pipes, improves water pressure
      * No external power source required
      * Improve household equipment lifespan
      * Affordable, cost effective


   Prevention of scale and corrosion
   Elimination of pre-existing scale and corrosion
   No power source required
   Non-invasive installation
   Environmentally safe and user friendly
   Can be used with existing water conditioning systems


  • Water based heating systems of all types
  • Hot water heaters-both gas and electric
  • All water supply pipes
  • Home irrigation systems
  • Misting systems

The U.S. Department of Interior Report

   A 1/2" of scale on your heating coil, boiler plate, or inside of your baseboard radiators produces such a loss of efficiency that it costs 60% more in fuel to heat. 

        The Cost of:

           * Replacing a scale or acid destroyed water heater? Approx. $360.00 
           * Replacing a scale or acid destroyed electric water heater element? Approx. $ 75.00 
           * Replacing a scale or acid destroyed faucet set? Approx. $ 90.00 
           * Replacing the entire home plumbing because of calcium or acid destroyed pipes? 
             Approx. $3500 - 10,000
           * Replacing calcium ridden washing machine or  dishwasher? Costly


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Our passion is helping everyone get clean, clear and refreshing water at home and making it affordable for all. Protect yourself and your family from enviromental toxins found in today's municipal water suplies, hydrate the body and protect against free-radicals with alkaline ionized drinking water and naturally clean, condition and protect your homes water pipes from early failure due to mineral build-up. All of our products are made to last and help you live better and save you time and money!

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